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Structural stabilization


Providing Structural Stabilization Services for Properties

Do you have structural imperfections in your home or office? Is your building showing signs of damage, like cracks? Demolition is not always the most optimum solution to structural damage. Your property is valuable, and the value goes beyond financials. An alternative in such a case is structural stabilization. At Green Restoration, we make sure to help save your property while also preserving the memories you made with our structural stabilization services.


Our motto when assessing any property is to put your safety first. Our experienced teams are concerned with your safety and that of your property. The starting point of any inspection is the basic assessment of the building. This includes a multiple-point assessment of structure, sewage, furniture, and fittings. The assessment assigns a risk score and ascertains if the damage is repairable or not. This also helps in making estimates of the repair work that may be required. For a long-lasting and durable fix, the professionals will come up with a case-based fix for your property because all damages and all properties are not the same. After the data is collected, the team:

  • Decides what kind of repairs are required on the project
  • Decides which part needs reinforcement
  • Demarcates the areas/parts that need rebuilding
  • Initiates the process of restoration


If the structural imperfections are due to the displacement of soil surrounding the structure, our team will help you identify the problem. Displacement of soil around the structure can be a real disaster for your precious structure. This directly affects the foundations and can be fixed by shoring. Your property might need both shoring and then structural restoration to prevent further damage and restore it to its original form.


There are a number of factors that can cause damage to your building’s structure. These include, but are not limited to, thunderstorms, hurricanes, water line ruptures, ruptured sewage lines, and floods. Another often overlooked factor is the sinking of soil that surrounds the building.


Yes, structural damage is a process that can be prevented by simple observation and corrective actions. If you see water seeping into the surface and dampening the walls, simply filling the cracks can treat the issue and prevent it from aggravating any further. But if the situation is not treated, it might aggravate into a worse scenario and then might require thousands of dollars in repairs.


In general, restoration services will return the home into its original form, and it will be totally inhabitable. In actuality, the property is in a better condition after restoration than it was before the damage was done. The repairs made to the structure can hold for as long as the whole building remains in operation.


If the reason for the damage was due to the sinking of the soil and you treat the building but not the soil that surrounds the structure, then the damage is bound to reoccur. Any repairs done would have to be performed again. Hence, our experts assess the property from all angles before determining which sides require the repairs and reinforcements so that your hard-earned money is not wasted on performing hefty repairs again and again.


The Green Restoration team prides itself on putting our customers needs first. If your home or business is experiencing structural issues, don’t be so quick to jump the gun and assume the property is no longer livable, just give us a call. Our friendly and professional staff are waiting to give your loved space a much needed structural update! Contact us to get started.

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