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Professional Textile Restoration Services

Are you looking for restoration services to clean up ink-stained formal wear, mold-invaded carpet, or humidity-affected dresses? If so, you have come to the right place. We deal with restoring items made from any textile fabric, including cotton, wool, and polyester.


Like anything, textile items also get damaged because of numerous factors, and the quality of the product does not remain the same. Here are some cases where you would need textile restoration:

  • Fire damage. Fire exposure leaves the fabric useless. Although not directly exposed, smoke and soot are enough to ruin the threads. In fact, soot badly sticks to fabric strands and creates a nasty odor. Even detergents and cleaning solutions fail to remove the odor and stubborn stains. This is where our restoration services come in handy. At Green Restoration, our team of experts not only clean the dirty marks but also remove the smell, making the textile article usable again. They also cover the burned areas with patches in a unique way to recover the look of the item.
  • Water damage. Ink, juice, tea, grease, and ketchup stains are quite long-lasting. Using a powerful detergent can make the matter worse by fading the colors or thinning the fabric strands. When nothing seems to work, it’s time you give us a call. Our arsenal of the latest equipment helps get rid of unwanted stains. Our professionals also make sure that colors and material remain intact.

Atmospheric moisture also damages textiles that have not been used for a while. Most often, increased humidity destroys the material, making it highly susceptible to fraying. Woolen items are more likely to undergo this type of damage. Moisture also affects the luster of beads and pearls found on handbags. However, with our services, you can get your item in its pre-loss condition in no time!

  • Mold damage. More often than not, mold also affects textiles and damages the quality. This happens when you store a product without drying it properly. Mold not only causes skin infection and allergies, but can also lead to respiratory issues. Washing the product with detergent can remove mold spores but not the smell and stain. This is why you should let us handle your damaged items to get them back to their original condition.


We provide quality services with our team of skilled individuals. All the equipment used by our workers meet professional standards. We deal with removing carbon residue and stains, restoring fire-damaged clothes, and extracting unpleasant odors from all fabrics.

  • Services. Whether your textile has been damaged due to fire, water, or mold, we can help you restore it. We cater to all objects made of fabric ranging from polyester to cotton, including hunting gear, hats, bridal wear, sportswear, party wear, undergarments, and so on. We also work on fur coats, suede shoes, woolen sweaters, and leather jackets. We clean home-use textiles as well. You can rely on us for restoring curtains, carpets, rugs, table cloths, sofa covers, bedding, washing machine covers, and doormats. Our services extend to leather purses and boots, too.
  • Advanced equipment and techniques. We only use the latest, most efficient techniques to deal with deep-rooted stains and foul odors. We also carry out exclusive treatment to preserve texture and colors. In addition to that, we use special drying techniques to gently remove moisture from the textiles. We also have state-of-the-art technologies to fix fire damage. Moreover, we have the latest equipment to clean stuffed toys, bulky carpets, bedding sets, etc.
  • Qualified workers. We take pride in hiring only the most dedicated and expert individuals to take care of your damaged textiles. They assess the damage carefully and come up with the most effective and efficient solution. They also have good communication skills, so you can be sure that your items are in the right hands.


Looking for a reliable company to get your clothes recovered from a flood or fire damage? Our team can handle it all for you and give your damaged clothes a fresh life. Just give us a call!

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