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When it comes to cleaning damaged property through and through, the science of ultrasonic cleaning is one that is revered for its ability to perform the toughest of cleaning operations, in a short amount time, with even more impact that traditional strategies. Water flooding, soot cleaning, removal of micro particles- whatever the problem may be, there is a sure solution available that will save you time, and give you an amplified cleaning result – and that’s the Green Restoration ultrasonic cleaning solution. Even in the cleaning of solid materials like ceramics, ultrasonic cleaning is unmatched in its effectiveness. This method is able to reach and clean tiny crevices by means of cavitation, which occurs when ultrasonic waves are made to pass through liquid. Using this cleaning technique, clients save time and costs in their cleaning operations while getting top-shelf results.


Ultrasonic technology is one of the most efficient ways to clean your contents after fire damage. Here are 4 reasons why you should clean your home the ultrasonic way:

  • Unparalleled effectiveness. Ultrasonic cleaning has the extra advantage of cavitation, which allows it to clean more powerfully and reach deeper into hidden crevices other cleaning measures can’t. When immersed in a heated and specially formulated detergent solution, ultrasonic cleaning can work more effectively than any other cleaning method.
  • Faster. With ultrasonic cleaning, you can remove fire and flood damage from hard contents effectively, and it does this rapidly too. In content restoration, speed is a major consideration both for the clients and for the cleaning company. With ultrasonic cleaning strategies, more cleaning results are gotten in half the time.
  • Cost savings. Cost is saved mainly through the reduction in labor required to achieve set results, as well as time and expenses. Workers who are designated to your task can save you money by achieving their objectives in a little time, thereby helping you get back to your own schedule in no time.
  • Variety of situations. As ultrasonic cleaning has grown into the contents restoration industry standard, its practitioners have encountered a wide variety of fire and flood damage situations, learning how best to clean and restore. This body of knowledge involves everything from knowing how best to use ultrasonic cleaning on delicate items such as china, to what sort of detergents are most effective for particular applications. While ultrasonic cleaning isn’t the solution for everything, it has proven to be far more effective and faster than many types of traditional cleaning methods.


Green Restoration are amongst the top cleaning and restoration companies in the United States. With a combined experience of over 50 years, you are guaranteed a highly professional and satisfying experience with our team. We have worked hand in hand with hundreds of home and office owners near you in removing unpleasant and disturbing content. In our practice, we make it a point of duty to ensure our materials comply with industry standards and are friendly to the environment, pets, and vulnerable children. We work intensively to over-deliver on our promise of excellence, that way you know that you will be getting the very best service with us. All our technicians and assistants are professionals, trained and hand-picked for the sole purpose of delivering a fantastic customer experience.


The Green Restoration team are top performers in the ultrasonic cleaning industry, providing premium cleaning results to our many clients through the years. If you have suffered from a fire and need the best cleaning solutions for your items, our team is the one to call. Contact our staff today for the results you’re looking for.

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