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Most of us don’t think too much about mold spores, and don’t usually take any serious action on finding them in our homes. However, getting them removed and inspected is tremendously important since mold not only causes surface damage, but also aggravates asthma or other severe allergies. If you witness any leaks in your roof or mold spores in any corner of the house, it is strongly recommended that you trust us to take care of this problem for you and control the situation before it becomes troublesome for you and your loved ones.


If you are getting a mold inspection or hiring mold remediation services, it signifies that you want a healthy indoor environment. Many companies defeat that purpose by using strong chemicals that could be harmful to your pets and children. At Green Restoration, we take extra care of you and your loved ones. Therefore, none of our products contain any harsh chemicals. They are also 100% biodegradable, organic, and good for the environment. They are completely safe to be used around pets and kids. Additionally, their ability to get rid of mold in your property is just as efficient, if not better. Our professional and trained team arrives with one mission at your doorstep: to restore your house to its previous and unharmed condition. If a few small changes are required here and there to improve your house conditions, then our team doesn’t hesitate to go the extra mile. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority.


Witnessing mold in the corners or cracks of your walls surely indicates that mold is not only growing, but also spreading more spores. Mold might also grow in places where it is hard or sometimes impossible to spot, like inside the ducts or between walls. It may also, at times, form colonies that are so minuscule that they easily escape the eye. Luckily, a few indicators suggest you might be having some mold problems in your house and need to resort to professional mold inspection services.
  • Water damage. If any part of your house is flooded, any corner of the roof leaked, or even if a broken pipe led to the moistening of any surface, you need to hire a mold inspection team! Any surface that got wet and wasn’t dried up immediately or within a period of 24 to 48 hours could potentially be polluted by mold.
  • New house purchase. There is no guarantee that the house you’re shifting into is mold-free or does not have any sort of water damage. Thus, the only way to figure out any sort of mold presence or potential for its growth is through mold inspection. You surely don’t want a bad start in your new home!
  • An unoccupied house. If your house has been unoccupied or closed up for years or months, then you definitely need to get a mold inspection done. The buildup of humidity inside the house can cause mold growth, especially if you reside in a warmer area or one with higher humidity levels.
  • After mold remediation. If you previously had mold spores and used professional help or even home remedies to deal with the issue, then regular mold inspections are vital to ensure you get rid of it all for real.
  • Usual spots. If you see any black, green, white, or blue stuff inside your house, either on a wall or any surface, get a mold inspection done immediately to ensure you catch potential mold growth early.


Mold can be sneaky, annoying, and, above all, harmful to your health. Getting rid of it completely using DIY solutions is extremely difficult, if not impossible. You tend to miss a few spots here and there, and it can be seen growing back again in a few days, especially in basements. Contact us today and we will take care of all your mold-related worries. Our mold inspection staff is not only highly trained, but also extremely professional. They will get rid of all mold remnants and make your space habitable, safe, and secure again.
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