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Soda Blasting Smoke & Mold Remediation


In today’s world, finding an effective, eco-friendly solution for mold and smoke damage is more important than ever. Green  Restoration is proud to offer an innovative approach through soda blasting—a method that combines efficiency with environmental responsibility. Our services are designed not just to clean but to  restore your property to its original state, ensuring a healthy 

Why Soda Blasting is the Superior

Soda blasting is a revolutionary cleaning technology that uses sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) under high pressure to remove mold, soot, and smoke residue. This method is renowned for its gentle yet effective cleaning capabilities, making it ideal for a wide range of applications, including delicate items and hard-to-reach

At Green Restoration, our commitment to sustainability and customer satisfaction drives us to use the most advanced, eco-friendly methods available. Soda blasting offers numerous

  • Eco-Friendly: Unlike traditional cleaning methods that can use harmful chemicals, soda blasting uses natural, biodegradable baking soda, minimizing environmental impact.
  • Efficiency: Soda blasting is quicker and more effective, allowing for faster cleanup and restoration times.
  • Odor Elimination: It neutralizes odors from smoke and mold, leaving your property smelling fresh.
  • Surface Safety: The method is non-abrasive, preserving the integrity of your property’s surfaces.

Green Restoration’s soda blasting process is thorough and tailored to address the unique challenges of mold and smoke

  • Initial Assessment: Our expert team conducts a comprehensive evaluation to identify affected areas and develop a customized treatment plan.
  • Site Preparation: We prepare the site, protecting unaffected areas and ensuring a safe environment for the soda blasting process.
  • Soda Blasting Treatment: Our technicians use specialized equipment to carefully remove mold, soot, and smoke residue from affected surfaces.
  • Post-Treatment Cleanup: After soda blasting, we conduct a detailed cleanup to remove any remaining soda media, ensuring your property is spotless.
  • Final Inspection and Prevention: We perform a final walkthrough to ensure complete satisfaction and provide recommendations to prevent future damage.

Soda blasting is versatile, effective for residential properties wood, metal, and glass, ensuring thorough cleaning without

Soda blasting utilizes sodium bicarbonate particles, propelled at high speeds, to clean surfaces. This method is especially effective in mold spore removal and smoke odor neutralization, offering a traditional cleaning methods often rely on harsh chemicals and can be abrasive, risking damage to surfaces. Soda blasting provides a non-toxic, gentle alternative, ensuring effective cleaning without compromising the safety of your property or the


Yes, soda blasting is safe and effective for most surfaces, including delicate materials. Its gentle nature ensures thorough cleaning without damage.

Extremely effective. Soda blasting not only removes visible mold and soot but also neutralizes odors, leaving your property

The process duration varies depending on the extent of damage and the size of the area. However, soda blasting is generally

Depending on the scope of work, temporary relocation may be recommended. Our team will advise on the best course of action


Opting for Green Restoration’s soda blasting services means choosing a healthier, cleaner future for your property. Our expertise and commitment to eco-friendly practices ensure not just a restoration of your space but a contribution to a healthier

If you’re facing the aftermath of mold infestation or smoke damage, don’t wait. Contact Green Restoration today at the hands of professionals committed to excellence and environmental responsibility.


Choosing soda blasting for mold and smoke damage remediation means opting for a solution that’s not only effective but also environmentally responsible. Green Restoration is dedicated to providing top-tier remediation services that ensure your property

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