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Sewage cleanup


Cleaning Up Your Home or Business' Sewage Mess

Sewage cleanup is a dangerous, difficult job that requires proper training and equipment to tackle. Green Restoration offers professional damage restoration and cleanup services for residential and commercial clients in all Connecticut counties and in Westchester County, NY. We will provide a free consultation and quote, and our 24/7 emergency service enables us to come to your location at any time of the day or night. Our entire team is certified and professionally trained, and we always guarantee perfect sewage cleanup work.


Sewer backup cleanups are challenging, risky, and unpleasant. We highly recommend contacting professional cleaners to take care of sewage backups due to the potential health risks involved. Even when the spill is minor and confined to a smaller area, it can be difficult to be sure you’ve cleaned everything properly without having hired experts. Remember that acting fast is crucial. If over one day passed since the sewage backup happened, you should always contact water damage and cleanup restoration professionals in order to prevent the problems from getting worse.


Sewage cleanup can be messy and complicated, so we have to recommend that you always seriously consider contacting Green Restoration experts. Our services include:

  • Personal Protective Gear. Our certified sewage cleanup professionals always wear the appropriate personal protective gear that is needed for the job. This includes facemasks, protective eyewear, rubber boots, and rubber gloves. Most homeowners do not have these readily available in case of emergency, so they expose themselves to contaminated water. Remember that sewage spills include contaminants capable of causing some serious infections.
  • Fast Sewage Water Removal. With sewage cleanups, speed is essential. You have to remove all sewage water as fast as you can. We use professional equipment, including powerful pumps and wet-dry vacuums. At the same time, our filtration devices are the best available. Failing to act quickly can exacerbate potential health issues and water supply contamination.
  • We Save What We Can. Sewage cleanup involves several steps that are often overlooked by the average homeowner. For instance, it is crucial to shovel all contaminated debris, soil, and dirt into airtight plastic bags to carry out a proper disposal. Every salvageable item from the affected area will be moved to isolated spaces. This makes it easier to sanitize them afterwards. We remove everything contaminated, including insulation, baseboards, wall paneling, flooring, and carpeting.
  • We Clean It All. Contrary to popular belief, it is not enough to just mop the floor and remove the visible sewage. Green Restoration specialists fully understand the need to wash down all the surfaces in the area that was affected with appropriate eco-friendly bactericidal disinfectants. We perform deep cleaning with safe substances that are much stronger than regular household detergent. At the same time, we are cautious with the often overlooked surfaces, like walls and carpets.
  • Sanitization. Removing sewage water and drying the affected area is not enough. This is why we also disinfect and sanitize everything using the safest products, those that are completely safe for humans and the planet.


Don’t suffer through a sewage disaster, and don’t try to tackle the cleanup yourself. Keep you and your family safe from harmful bacteria by employing a team of experts that have the training and the equipment to safely and effectively clean up your property. Contact us today and we’ll get you on the path to a cleaned and sanitized space so that this sewage experience seems like nothing more than a bad dream.

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